granite-blackBlack can come from many places like Africa, China and India. The one we use is Indian Black because we feel it has all the right features for the Canadian climate and the customer.




granite-indian-redIndian Red – Has a deep and rich look. The contrast for lettering is perfect for a soft appearance. This granite looks good with the sides of the monument polished for a crisp look or rough edg




granite-blueBahama Blue is a granite from India. It is the only granite that we use that is not pit quarry rather it is a mountain face that it blasted off and collect, then sawn up and polish




cats-eyeCats Eye is a granite from India and has a unique uniformed look with its contrast being cream brown and a dark brown looking just like a “Cats Eye”.




granite-britzAfrican Britz – One of the oldest colors used in Canada for a dark granite when black wasn’t so easily available. Britz is the No2 color for contrast. It takes 6 layers of polish.




mr21Mountain Rose is a granite from North Westrn Ontario. It is a softer color and look in a memorial, with light pink, red.




granite-greyGray-Can come from many places like Quebec, Elberton Georgia, China and India. We use all 4 depending on the job.