picture%2033730 by 20 Upright

This monument is suitable for a single or double names. Its simplicity allows for a variety of images and uniquness to reflect the family and person’s interest. It measures 30 by 20 by 6 and the base.





doubleheartDouble Heart

A Double Heart monument is suitable for two graves, in most cemeteries. Its measures 42 by 28 by 8. All Polished or rough sides are optional. A Double Heart is available in all





picture%20372Black Tablet

Porcein pictures, with a 50 year warrenty, and granit vases are avaliable on any monument. Colours and shapes are all in the same price category. A polished margin on all of our bases are standard in





picture%2031936 by 24 Upright

Shown here is a Bahama Blue 3 foot monument that is designed for two people. The engraving options are endless on this size of stone. Common engravings are names, wedding date, childrens and gran





heart-monument-with-angelHeart with Angel

The Angel holding the Heart can be a single or companion memorial. It is scupulted from a single piece of granit, in your colour of choosing. It measures 38 by 30 by 8.






tree%20stone%202Tree with Birds

This monument is intended for two people. As seen in the picture, the branch that extends over the stone is sculputed with two parent birds and baby birds, signifing the number of children the couple





picture%20332Double Winged Tablet

This monument is ideally for two people as each person has their own tablet of information. The vase shown in the picture is included in the monument and is 50 by 26 by 8.






This shape is described as a rooftop because of the gradual peak it appears to be. This monument has polished chamfers which accentuates this design. This is one of Lee Memorials personal favourites.





picture%20371Solid Cross

The solid cross design shown here can be changed to suit different religious backgrounds. Quite often a celtic cross is used in this shape, however, the cross can be changed. Many sizes and colours ar





single%20grave%20treeSingle Tree

This tree memorial is generally used for one grave, and sculputed for the naturalist at heart. Often interpreted as “The Tree of Life”, this stone comes in a variety of colours. This monument